Anthon Berg Liqueur Chocolate 4 Pack

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  • Anthon Berg Liqueurs 62g
  • Anthon Berg Liqueurs 4 pack

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Great for any festive occasion, Anthon Berg's miniature dark chocolate bottles are filled with genuine spirits in each liquid centers.

The pack features 4 bottles of the spirit brands: Cointreau, Jim Beam, The Famous Grouse and Danzka Cranberry Vodka, harmoniously combined with the rich, robust flavours of premium chocolate.

Come on, half the fun of these chocolates is the packaging! They’re eensy-weensy liquor bottles made out of chocolate! They’re even smaller than those little bottles you find in the honor bar or on airplanes.

These are quality dark chocolate liqueurs, which don't have a sugar crust, and the alcohol inside certainly packs a punch.

Add these to make that special occasion a little more special! Ideal add on for Christmas, Birthday, Congratulations or just because i love you!


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