How to build your own hamper

We have many prebuilt gift hampers and baskets for you to select. However if you want to be more creative and build your own we have that option as well.

Some people like the idea of creating their own basket or hamper. 

iGift has many beautiful add on products for all occasions. You can find them under the top menu bar in the section Build Your Own Hamper.

You can also use the search bar at the top of our website to search for items, give it a try. Type in candles or books and you will see all those items appear. We have thousands of products another way to find all our products is to select Gifts, which is the first option on the top menu bar. This will list all our products and then you can search by price to find items that will suit your budget.

You can keep adding as many items as you like and then don't forget to buy the packaging. We will wrap them all up beautifully for your recipient.

How to build your own hamper

Step 1

Buy packaging for your items

Step 2

Add all your gifts to your cart and then checkout

Step 3

We create you a beautiful gift 

You can always contact us via the chat function and we will be happy to help.