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Be Happy: 35 Powerful Methods For Personal Growth & Well-being 

Being Happy Book Gifts

With tips and techniques on self-improvement, making choices, cultivation, positive habits, and making space, Be Happy is an easy-to-read, inspirational guide on developing habits for happiness.

Teaching self-improvement techniques of choice, cultivation, practice, and making space, Be Happy! is an easy-to-read, useful, and inspiring guide to developing habits for happiness.

Improving your everyday life may seem like a major hurdle, but Be Happy! teaches us how to chip away at our problems with daily behaviour until they're manageable.

Be Happy's techniques are based in the science of Positive Psychology and Acceptance, and Commitment Therapy, the very movements responsible for millions of people improving their well-being. You will learn strategies like choosing joy and gratitude, cultivating positive thought and vision, and making space for good things in your life. Become a happier version of yourself by adjusting your daily routine with these powerful tools!

There’s no set of habits more important than those that help you thrive, and because these tools are quick, simple, and enjoyable to use, integrating Be Happy! into your daily life will be a breeze.

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