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Olive Lovers Gifts 

every garden should have an olive tree, the living symbol of peace and happiness.
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  • large olive tree gift wrapped

This is a Spanish variety of olive known as Olea Nevadillo Blanco is prized for the high oil content of the fruit.

Nevadillo Blanco is reliable, heavy, constant cropper that prefers full sun position.

 A wonderful plant gift that will bare fruit for years to come.

Olive Tree Gift Meaning

An Olive Tree represents peace, hope and enduring love. ... The long-lived olive tree is a symbol of wisdom, peace, hope, fertility, health, and wealth, is a perfect wedding gift for any couple starting a happy home together. Or as a Birthday Gift or Get Well Gift Idea.

Why not add some olive oil, olives and balsamic vinegar to this olive tree gift and turn it into a gourmet hamper.

Perfect gift idea for any olive lovers, plant lovers or anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.


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