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Who needs a Tinder date when you can have a "date" that's sweet, satisfying, and grown in the USA? ?? Swipe right on our Whole Medjool Dates for a taste of true romance - with your taste buds! ❤️

Here's why our Medjool Dates are better than a Tinder date:

  • No Ghosting! Our Medjool Dates won't suddenly disappear on you. They're always there when you need a sweet treat, day or night.
  • Zero Awkward Moments! You won't need to worry about cringeworthy small talk. These dates are naturally smooth and delicious, no cheesy pickup lines required.
  • Nutrition Over Negativity! While a Tinder date might give you mixed feelings, our dates provide a burst of natural energy, fiber, and essential nutrients that'll leave you feeling amazing.
  • Endless Love! Tinder dates come and go, but our Medjool Dates are always in season. They're the kind of love that lasts forever (or until you eat them all!).
  • No Profile Pics Needed! You won't need to obsess over choosing the perfect profile picture. These dates are stunning on their own, just like you! 
  • Guaranteed Sweetness! You'll never need to wonder if they're "the one." Our Medjool Dates are consistently sweet and delicious, date after date.

So, why settle for swiping when you can savor the delightful taste of our Whole Medjool Dates from the USA? Trust us, these dates will never break your heart – they'll only sweeten it! ❤️

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  • Whole Medjool Dates 225g Product of USA

    Whole Medjool Dates 225g Product of USA

    Desert Valley Date
    Price $9.99
    Indulge in the natural sweetness and decadence of Whole Medjool Dates, carefully sourced from the heart of the United States by Desert Valley Date. These luscious and plump dates are the perfect embodiment of Mother Nature's candy, encapsulating a world...