Champagne hampers popular with the young?

champagne hamper could be a well-received gift for someone in their twenties, as it has been revealed the drink is becoming increasingly popular among the young.

According to the Australian, people in this age bracket are more likely to enjoy at least four bottles a year than individuals of the same age were in 1990.

The research, revealed that the amount of revellers likely to have a glass during a night out has doubled in this time frame.

In 1990, 16 per cent of drinkers admitted to enjoying champagne at least four times a year. That figure now stands at 32 per cent.

One of the main reasons for such an increase - the newspaper suggests - is the plummeting price of bubbly.

It was recently reported that Star City in Sydney had held a champagne tea party to raise money for charity.

Nov 07, 2020

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