Should you send flowers or fruit?

The choice can be hard sometimes but we think fruit is as beautiful as flowers but of course it's edible. Our customers are always saying what a lovely surprise the fruit basket or hamper was and how they loved to enjoy it over the course of a week or two.FLOWERS BY FRUIT

People in hospital especially enjoy receiving fruit as it gives them something to enjoy while laying in bed.

Gourmet fruit and nut hampers are the perfect gift for people recovering from illness, what better way to say get well than with a fruit gift.

Our range is large and you can always create your own customised gift by heading to our add something extra section and selecting add ons such as wine, chocolate, nuts and dried fruits.

You can order your gifts online for same day or next day delivery to most areas.

Please check delivery details for your area on our delivery pages.

Nov 07, 2020

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