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Christmas Gin | Finger Lime Gin

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The Christmas Gin | Finger Lime Gin is a truly unique and special creation. Crafted over a 10-year period, this gin is the distiller's masterpiece. It features suspended finger lime caviar, sourced directly from the distiller's own 80-acre farm located in Kurrajong Heights, on the edge of the picturesque Blue Mountains, just a short distance from Sydney.

The finger lime caviar is a remarkable addition to this gin. When you bite into one of these little balls of limey goodness, they release an aromatic burst of pure citrussy gin. It's a playful gin that will redefine your definition of the ultimate Gin & Tonic experience.

Made with a medley of 100% Hawkesbury grown citrus, this gin is perfectly balanced for mixing with tonic. The star of the show is the special variety of finger lime caviar, backed up by navelina oranges, kaffir lime leaves, tahitian lime leaf, and lemons from the distiller's mother's own trees at Kurrajong.

Not only is this gin unique in flavor, but it is also the most difficult gin in the world to make. Each small batch takes over a year to produce. The distiller begins by growing the fruit, distilling multiple gins to infuse the finger lime caviar at different stages, and then carefully balancing the gin with pure deep spring water from the distiller's farm.

The finger limes used in this gin undergo a meticulous process. First, they are pollinated by bees from the distiller's apirary. They are then nurtured in the orchard for 8-9 months, soaking up the clean air and sunshine of Kurrajong Heights. Once the limes reach the perfect maturity, they are hand-picked wearing long leather gloves. It's a challenging task, but the finger limes have the best view of all, being able to see the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the orchard!

After harvesting, the difficult part begins. Through a unique process developed by the distiller, the caviar inside each lime is gently removed using machinery designed and built specifically for this purpose. The pure caviar is then infused for several months on a special distillers strength gin, allowing it to age, soak, and mature. This meticulous process ensures that each tiny pearl of caviar retains its freshness and is infused with the remarkable flavor of 40% alcohol gin.

The Christmas Gin | Finger Lime Gin is a truly exceptional product. It brings together the beauty of finger lime caviar with the craftsmanship and dedication of a skilled distiller. It is a gin like no other, deserving of a place in every connoisseur's collection.


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