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Are you considering a gift hamper as a present for family, friends, or an acquaintance? We'll be the first to tell you that they are some of the best choices for gifts - if not the greatest! Sure, you can find gift hampers nearly everywhere - but there are stark differences between simple presents and ones the recipients will cherish forever.


The power of today's e-commerce makes shopping online easier to find that perfect gift hamper. There are plenty of reasons why it's better to buy gift hampers online. Let's not forget all the benefits that specialised online gift-giving services can bring customers.

Why Buy Gift Hampers Online?

Some core factors make buying gift hampers online very beneficial. The most significant ones are time, efficiency, and customizability. Online shopping for gift hampers saves the trouble of spending time travelling to every store in your area to find a gift. More so, online gift hampers curate products more suited to the recipient - not forgetting all the customisation options.

Many gift-giving services offer various gift-hampers online - but not all are made equal! Some will lack the tailoring for individuals or miss the representation of special occasions. That's where iGift fits in as one of the most beneficial gift-giving services in Australia. We can let you know why, too.

The Benefits of Using iGift to Purchasing Your Gift Hampers Online

We started iGift to offer one of the most holistic online gift-giving experiences in Australia - from idea to delivery in the shortest time possible. Through our drive and commitment to the process, iGift provides our customers with a nearly endless number of benefits. So what are the positives of ordering through us, you ask? Well, we can give you just a few reasons below.

  • There are hampers and gift baskets for every special occasion!

What's the thing that's associated most with the special occasion? Gifts, of course! iGift has become well known as the preferred gift giving service because of the hamper range in our repertoire. Even the more niche and unique occasions, it's very likely you'll find a great gift hamper to give. Our team are always available for recommendations, too!

  • Find the most fantastic personalised gifts possible.

Finding a gift that screams the person you're giving it to isn't the most straightforward assignment. Trust us - we know! It's a lot of why iGift began - we wanted to make gift hampers tailored to every personality and style. Our luxury gift boxes and baskets feature tasty treats, luxury care items, and more. All of the beautifully arranged, of course!

  • Baby shower and baby gifts can be challenging to find - we have them all in one place.

Shopping for an expecting mum or a newborn baby isn't simple when you don't know where to start. iGift eliminates the need to research your options with an adoring selection of baby gift hampers. The wholesome baskets feature heartwarming soft toys, a few treats for the parents, and some dedicated care items. We have a collection of baby gifts that cover it all.

  • You won't find a better platform for gift ideas.

One of the most profound benefits of using iGift for your gift-giving needs is the wealth of ideas. Many of our customers use the platform as a catalogue to browse present and future gift ideas. The vast range of gift hampers with items at the pinnacle of luxury significantly cut down the time and effort - usually needed for gift shopping.

  • Our hamper range covers every dedicated day of gifts.

Yes, we cover gifts from the traditional days to the downright obscure. iGift place all our gift hampers into categories to make it simple for users to find the perfect gift for the dedicated day. Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday's are all there - and especially Christmas! We even have a section for unusual gifts - and we definitely recommend checking that out.

  • We excel in gift deliveries throughout Australia.

The most significant benefit of ordering with iGift is our expertise in delivery. We offer a range of delivery options throughout Australia tailored to your needs. Same day delivery is available in some urban areas for those gifts you need to send on a whim. Many other locations have next-business-day delivery options, as well. Our delivery service is fast and efficient

  • iGift follows all our orders and inquiries with excellent customer service.

Another benefit that puts our gift-giving platform above the rest is our sublime customer service. Our team understands that gifts need more of an interpersonal touch than just purchase and delivery. We're with you right the way through your ordering process - and will make it as seamless and efficient as possible. We value our customers and want to be your essential resources in ordering gifts for the future and beyond.

  • We take the stress out of giving corporate gifts - all corporate branded!

There aren't too many gift-giving services that handle corporate gifts as proficiently as we. We have a wealth of experience in assisting with sending gifts to companies en masse. Not only do we have the perfect presents for offices -but we can also add all the corporate branding required. We'll make your gift hampers some of the most impressive offerings.


  • If you need a touch of luxury - look no further than our gourmet gifts.

We pride ourselves on offering gift hampers that suit every budget. However, we make sure that all of our hamper collections have a dash of elegance sprinkled on everyone. Browse our inventory - and you'll find extravagant hampers with branded spirits, care products, and divine foods. But even our budget-friendly ones are so beautifully curated that the recipient will feel like a king or queen.

  • Flowers can be some of the most meaningful gifts you can give a person - and we've got plenty of options!

Nothing is more symbolic than a flower gift. With these gorgeous arrangements becoming more popular home decor - gift hampers with flowers are a guaranteed winner. iGift has multitudes of collections featuring vibrant and meaningful floral arrangements, along with all the other delectable treats in between.

  • iGift knows how to get the best of the festive season - we curate the most fantastic Christmas hampers.

iGift absolutely love the festive season, and we take gift-giving during Xmas in the highest regards. Our Christmas hampers never fall short of pleasing their recipients - with goods that enhance all the festivities. Puddings, brandies, chocolates, wines, and so much more are packed into a hamper even Santa and his elves would be jealous of!

  • Here you can find the most beautiful present gifts for Mother's Day.

When it comes to Mother's Day, we really want to get the bespoke gift to let mum know how special she is to us. iGift understand that notion in every respect. Our Mother's Day gift hampers feature a gorgeous number of items that bring the emotion of the occasion to fruition. You can trust us when we say that our hampers will make mum feel loved. You could send mum a gourmet hampers.

  • We know how to get the party started - our birthday gifts feature the most celebratory items.

Some of the most memorable experiences of our lives are birthday parties. They bring us joy and stimulate all our senses - touch, taste, and sight especially. Every good birthday party has a starter kit to get the ball rolling - and our gift hampers thrive on that concept. Discover all the brilliant birthday gift hampers we have to fire off the best celebrations.

  • Get the perfect gift box or wine hamper for a sporadic gift - just because!

The significance of a random gift goes far beyond the idea of 'why not'. A sporadic gift makes the recipients feel incredibly important - and is one of the most wholesome things a person can do. iGift excels in the art of random gift-giving, with little gift boxes and wine hampers bursting with gorgeous foods and drinks to enjoy together.

  • We have gift cards available if you're not quite sure what to get.

We're pretty confident that you'll find the most exquisite gift amongst our hamper range. On the off-chance that you're still unsure what to get - we have gift cards available for your recipient to choose what they like best. Don't forget, we're here to help if you need any advice in selecting a gift. That's what iGift is here for! Gifts can be sent for all occasions Valentines Day, Corporate Hampers Australia Wide.

All the Benefits of Ordering Online Through iGift Make us Australia's No 1 Gift-Giving Service.

We could go on forever about the number of benefits that iGift online gift ordering gives customers. We'll let our service in practice do the talking, though! As Australia's No 1 gift-giving service, we continue to ensure complete satisfaction with every order. If you have any queries, questions, or specific needs - our service team would be more than happy to speak to you. We want to get your gifts arriving timely and beautifully packed for any occasion!

Jun 01, 2021 Alice Sydney

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