Baby Book Baby Touch 123: A Touch-And-Feel Playbook


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The Baby Touch 123: A Touch-And-Feel Playbook is the ultimate introduction to numbers for your little one. Designed with their development in mind, this interactive playbook will engage and captivate your baby from the very beginning.

From the award-winning and bestselling Baby Touch series, this playbook is a must-have for every parent. Featuring a sleek and playful design, it is not only visually appealing but also designed to stimulate your baby's senses. With textured patches to touch, feel, and explore, your baby will love exploring the different objects and animals on each page.

Count from one cat to ten butterflies as you and your baby touch and interact with the book. The high-contrast colors will capture their attention while the touch-and-feel features will help develop their fine motor skills. It's a wonderful opportunity for your baby to learn through play and discovery.

Not only is this playbook educational, but it also encourages interaction and bonding with your baby. As you turn the pages and explore together, you'll be fostering a love for learning and creating special moments that will last a lifetime.

Whether you have a newborn or a toddler, this playbook is perfect for all ages. The sturdy board book construction ensures durability, making it perfect for little hands to explore. It's the ideal size for on-the-go entertainment and can be easily packed in a diaper bag or stroller pocket.

Introduce your baby to the world of numbers with the Baby Touch 123: A Touch-And-Feel Playbook. Watch as they discover the joy of counting and exploring different textures. This is not just a book, but a gateway to a world of learning and imagination. Grab your copy today and start the journey of early learning with your little one.
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