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Are Christmas Hampers A Good Gift Idea?

Yes, you may have the resources to buy whatever present there is but it is difficult to choose the best gift for each person.

Christmas is the time for gift giving. It is the season for sharing and showing our appreciation to loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. However, gift giving and exchanging gifts can be a daunting task, too. 

Good thing there are many Christmas hampers filled with goodies, which you can buy in stores and even online. These wonderful baskets can be filled with candies, sweets, baked goodies, fruits, wines and just about anything, you can think of. Whether pre-filled, personalized or DIY, a Christmas hamper is the best choice for gift giving.


Why Christmas Hampers?

  • Christmas hampers are practical gifts. They can be used by both men and women of all ages. They can be easily personalized to suit a receiver’s interest. In case you do not have any idea what to fill it with, you can always put food items inside. You will never go wrong with food.

  • Christmas hampers specifically food baskets can be given to families, individuals and organizations. Hampers come in different sizes and they can be filled according to the number of recipients.

  • Christmas hampers can be easily personalized. You can have a combination of food and non-food items for families or a group of people of different gender, age, religion and nationality. It can save you the time, effort and money spent on gift wrappers and individual gift bags.

  • Christmas hampers can be easily bought in stores and online shops. Compared to buying individual gifts, hampers are more affordable. There are many types of hampers sold in the market. You can buy corporate gift baskets, family baskets, hampers for women, men and kids.

  • What to Put Inside Christmas Hampers

    They say the more personalized a present, is, the better appreciated it would be. That is why Christmas hampers are the best gift to give to families, business associates, clients and business suppliers.

    If you need some suggestions and tips on what to fill your Christmas hampers, here are some ideas below:

    For corporate gift baskets, you can fill it with luxury items such as imported wines, cheeses and chocolates. You can fill it with gourmet cheeses, expensive wines, Belgian chocolates and chocolate truffles.

    For family baskets, you can include biscuits, sweet treats, puddings, tea, salmon, cupcakes and other foodstuffs. Fruit baskets are also ideal to give to families. Perhaps you can also include movie tickets for the whole family or perhaps tickets to a game.

    For couples, you can give hampers filled with sparkling wines, chocolates, massage oils, essential oils, toiletries, spa and bath products, couple’s shirts, couple’s watches, or a gift certificate to a couple’s massage and spa.

    If you want non-food items, you can include hobby-related items such as sports accessories, ball caps, shirts or sports-themed novelties. For women, you can include flowers, trinkets, beaded accessories, hair accessories, purses, make up, spa products and toiletries.


    DIY Christmas Hampers

    Although traditional Christmas hampers are made of wicker baskets, you can be creative with different materials as well. Choose a container that can be used by the recipient again such as a tray, plate, serving platter, bag, laundry basket or a hand painted bowl.

    If you want a cost-efficient DIY Christmas hamper, you can recycle mason jars, old shoe boxes, tin cans and old cookie plates. Just add some ribbons, laces, beads, paper flowers, buttons and small Christmas ornaments.

    Who says Christmas hampers are impersonal and generic? You can easily tailor it just by adding the right items inside. Decorate it according to your chosen theme and your recipients will definitely appreciate it.


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