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You should be aware that freezing doesn't sterilize grapes; it preserves them. Make sure you only use the best quality grapes make sure they are washed well and then dried.

Frozen grapes can be eaten as a snack, use them in place of ice-cubes in drinks, drop them into a glass of wine to keep it chilled for longer!

Preparing the grapes for freezing

  • Wash and then lay the grapes on a tea towel to dry off

Freezing Grapes Whole

  • Place the grapes in freezer bags and then lay flat in the freezer until frozen
  • Label the bags with the date you are freezing the grapes

Using Frozen Grapes

  • Use in a glass of wine to keep it cool
  • Eat as a healthy fruit snack - kids especially like them
  • Add to smoothies


The season for fresh grapes runs for six to seven months. It starts in November, peaks in February and March and closes in May.

We include grapes in our fruit hampers when they are in season!

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