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Wondering where to buy hand sanitiser? It is indeed essential in the days of the pandemic. The prominence of the product has also highlighted why we need to keep it accessible for our health and happiness for years to come. In the turn of events that's been bestowed upon us - hand sanitiser has suddenly become an excellent gift. However, not just anyone will do!


If you are looking for a good Australian made hand sanitiser - ones that feature more love and care in their products prove to be the difference. Those that do what they're meant to do and aren't harsh on our bodies or surfaces are definitely preferred. While hand sanitiser is making for a good gift - getting the right one is essential.

Why Does Good Hand Sanitiser Make a Difference?

At the present time, hand sanitisers are popular products sold nearly everywhere. Most of us prefer the finer things in life, though - and those generic, mass-manufactured hand sanitisers are proving to be more of a nuisance more than beneficial. So what are the key differences between a good hand sanitiser and the factory-brand ones you see everywhere?

Good hand sanitisers think of the person using them in their development. Today, most people would prefer products that effectively do their job of eliminating bacteria and viruses. But also with added benefits that make self-care more pleasant. For example, adding wonderfully smelling oils, ingredients that elevate health and are not harsh on your skin. It's a lot to ask, but we've curated one of the best hand sanitiser Australia.

The natural hand sanitiser in our inventory is Australian made and rife with essential oils. The natural ingredients ensure the spray is PH balanced and full of vitamin E and aloe. The fantastic health benefits in this little bottle are made even better when paired with some exquisite treats and care products. They are the ultimate gift for these times.

There's Never Been a Better Time To Give Hand Sanitiser as a Gift!

Hand sanitiser buy shortages, health worries, protection - there's plenty of reasons why hand sanitiser gel and sprays are fast becoming the most appropriate gifts. Times have changed, and so have iGift - we maintain our reputation as an innovative gift-giving service. We do think that these types of presents can come in more visually dazzling arrangements, thought - even if it's just a thank you hand sanitiser!

Reasons Why Hand Sanitiser Hampers are a Unique Gift Idea

Gift hampers with the core focus of hand sanitisers may have seen like an odd concept years ago - but how times have changed! Now packages and baskets featuring products that look after your health are some of the most rewarding gifts a person could buy. If you aren't convinced, here are a few reasons why hand sanitiser hampers are a splendid gift idea.

  • A perfect pocket-sized sanitiser is convenient to carry.

The hampers may feature several goodies that recipients will adore - but the star of the show is the hand sanitisers that come with the package. This luxury, effective sanitiser is pocket-sized to take a prestigious product with you wherever you go. No need to worry about your hands when travelling to parts unknown!

  • You can bulk buy hand sanitiser and feel prepared for a long time to come.

What's better than the gift of safety for now and the future? Our hampers offer the option to bulk buy sanitiser so that the recipient doesn't need to concern themselves with all those trips to the shops to get more. Preparation is essential in unprecedented times - a gift hampers that resonates health and happiness is perfect for any occasion.

  • Recipients can use the hand sanitiser sprays to cleanse hands or any surface.

The hand sanitiser gift hampers feature versatile gels and sprays that keep your hands and home clean of any harmful bacteria. Simply spray it straight and instantly feel comforted with the gorgeous scent of pure Australian lemon myrtle oil and 60 alcohol burning away potential viruses. A mind free from health concerns is the best way to live.

  • We've packed it full of sanitiser gel, spray, and other extraordinary goodies!

iGift is well-known for offering a vast range of hampers with the ultimate luxury value. Each gift collection is busting to the seams with delicious treats, vibrant arrangements, and rewarding self-care products. Nothing changes with our hand sanitiser hampers. They are full of luxury sanitiser gels and sprays. Our team have meticulously paired them with other fantastic goodies, too.

  • Instant hand sanitiser issues are taken care of without quarrel.

We know that hand sanitiser is one of the most sought-after products right now. A gift hamper full of gels and sprays makes sure that the recipient has a bunch on the side without issues of local shops running out. They will have a supply of their own - and not only that, they are some of the most exquisite hand sanitisers available.

Discover Some of Our Marvelous Hand Sanitiser Online Gift Hampers

At iGift, we are specialists in gifts for every occasion - both in sickness and in health. When your recipients are faced with the former, we've curated heartwarming gift hampers featuring products that focus on well-being. The sanitiser spray is PH balanced easy for drying out your hands - expert formulas that minimise harsh alcohols drying. Remember that the gels and sprays are for external use only on the body and surface - no ingesting these!

  • Get Well Gift Basket

For those who might be currently facing flu, virus, or ailment - we've made a basket for them. The Get Well Gift Basket features all the essentials and bits and pieces to make the recipient feel loved in their hour of need. Find divine fruits and treats paired with the beautifully smelling lemon myrtle hand sanitiser packed into a neat basket.

  • Lavender Plant Gift

What makes anyone's day sweeter than some alluring sights and smells in a gift hamper? The Lavender Plant Gift aims to incorporate life's wonders into one package - practical products that look and smell fantastic. The gift package features a regal lavender plant - along with Australian lemon myrtle oil 'thank you hand sanitiser spray.

  • Get Well Gift Hamper

Bigger is better, they say. We tend to agree! Showing your loved ones that you care when they are not at their best comes with a colossal care package. The Get Well Gift Hamper extends on the basket, offering more goodies that bring positive auras, soothe the soul, and help get the recipient back on the road to recovery. The hand sanitisers and gels included will surely last longer than needed.


  • Mariana Care Package

Whatever message you want to send your friends, family, or acquaintances - nothing says it quite like the Mariana Care Package. The collection features a phenomenal Mariana house plant purveying all the health benefits of home flora. Of course, we don't forget to include the practical hand sanitisers and masks to show our loved ones that we're looking out for them!

iGift Makes the Perfect Platform to Buy Hand Sanitiser Online

Now we've established why a good hand sanitiser makes the difference and the wonderful gift hampers we offer. We can outline why iGift is an excellent choice to order your next batch of hand sanitiser. Whether it's for yourself or a gift for a loved one - here are three reasons why our platform is the better choice for your next order.

  • We source only the best Australian made hand sanitiser gels and sprays.

As mentioned in our gift hampers and descriptions above, we ensure that our customers only receive the best. All of our hand sanitisers function seamlessly in combat viruses - and is one of the most pleasant gels and sprays one could apply. The scent of the lemon myrtle oil alone is enough to fill a recipient with joy.

  • We package the hand sanitisers in aesthetically pleasing gift hampers.

We know there isn't much meaning behind the simple gift of hand sanitisers for yourself or someone else. That's why we want to make an occasion out of it! Naturally, you can buy standalone gels and sprays - but why not get the complete package? It's filled with lovely treats, care products, and of course - the hand sanitisers!

  • We make bulk buying hand sanitiser a breeze.

One of the significant demands for hand sanitiser as of late is bulk buying. The issue that faces many is that shops tend to lack the inventory to allow mass purchases of hand sanitiser. iGift are always stocked with the product - if you need to bring a fair few hand sanitisers into the mix, we make larger orders easy to complete.

We've Got Hand Sanitiser in Stock - Let iGift Help Supply This Special Gift!

Searching for 'bulk hand sanitiser Australia'? 'Hand sanitiser Brisbane' or 'Hand Sanitiser Sydney'? Wherever you are in the nation, we have you covered for your hand sanitiser bulk needs. If you plan to give a gift or need some of our fantastic products for yourself, browse our collections today. Remember, we're always on hand if you need help with ordering!

Jun 01, 2021 Malcolm Paris

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