How to Grow Garlic - Fun Tips with iGift Fruit Hampers

How to Grow Garlic - Fun Tips with iGift Fruit Hampers

How to grow garlic it's easy.

It's easy to grow garlic at home in a pot.

How to grow garlic


Recommended Planting Time: Separate the garlic bulb into cloves before planting. Garlic should be planted in March to early April in warmer climates (Qld and northern NSW). Planting after April will reduce the size of the bulbs. Garlic planted in March will be ready for harvest by September. In cooler climates it can be planted in autumn or spring.
Planting Depth: The tops of the bulbs should be just below the soil surface. The flatter or root end should be pointing down.

How to grow garlic in a pot

Sowing Rate: Plant cloves about 10 cm apart, in rows about 40 cm apart.
Harvest and Storage: Garlic usually takes about 8 months to produce a bulb. Harvest when the tops begin to turn brown; don't wait until the tops have completely died back. Treat the bulbs gently as bruised bulbs do not store well. Hang the whole plant in bunches, or spread on racks, and allow to dry undercover for 2 to 3 weeks. The skins will then become papery and dry. Either plait the garlic or remove the leaves and roots, to store on racks or in net bags. Good air circulation is essential. Bulbs store better stored whole, not separated into cloves.

Grow your own garlic

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