Jazz Apples - Delicious Apple Varieties at iGift

Jazz Apples - Delicious Apple Varieties at iGift

Packed with mouthwatering flavour in a distinct firm flesh, Jazz™ Apples are one of the newest apple varieties within the market.

Jazz Apple Facts

1. Launched in Australia April 2009, Jazz™ Apples are the super fruit product with the best qualities from its parent varieties, Gala and Braeburn.

2. Blushing a red/pink colour, Jazz™ Apples provide crunchiness on the outside and an unforgettable flavour combination of tangy and sweet on the inside.

3. Jazz Apples are a cross between a Gala and Braeburn.

4. 550,000 Jazz trees have been grown in specially selected regions of Australia. They are grown in Batlow (NSW), Huon Valley (TAS), Adelaide Hills (SA), Stanthorpe (QLD), Manjimup (WA), Northern Tasmania and Southern Victoria, where the trees enjoy summer sun, high rainfall, cool winters and rich soil.

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