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Funky Monkey Hamper - Blue

We know it's always a bit of a challenge to curate gifts for children - especially newborn gifts! Baby gift hampers are some of the best presents that can be given. They revel in the senses of the parents and kids alike. It gives them a wealth of goodies to enjoy for now and the future.

However, finding quality baby gift boxes is a challenge in its own right - but your search ends here. We have created beautiful gifts for baby boys and baby girls that families will hold dear from now to eternity!

Baby Gifts

Say Hello to Our Funky Monkey Hamper!

Send a newborn and their family the perfect baby gift hamper and show their little souls all the best things about the world. Show them the vibrant colours of natural market fruits from the earth and the loving embrace of soft toys. No selection of these unique baby gifts could welcome them into the world quite like this one.

Our Blue Funky Monkey Hamper seamlessly correlates with any additional baby products. The soft material of the monkey paired with the divine flavours of the fruits goes well with any added baby clothing, muslin wraps or baby blankets. The little fella that travels with the hamper cannot wait to wave hello to the world's newest resident!

What's in the Funky Monkey Hamper?

The Funky Monkey hamper incorporates delectable treats for the parents and a lifelong friend for the baby. You will discover foods and materials of remarkable high quality. They are beautiful gifts that are perfect baby presents for those never sure what to offer. Here is what's included in the Funky Monkey Hamper:

  • A friendly, hot blue monkey lovingly knitted with the softest materials
  • Selections of delicious, colourful, and fresh market fruits
  • A personalised gift message of your choosing on an elegant card
  • All held together in a sturdy, fantastic looking timber box with a sliding lid

New Baby Gifts

Welcome A New-born Into the World With This Beautiful Baby Gift

Parents will enjoy their gorgeous treats while watching their new baby make their first friend with the comical monkey. The Funky Monkey Hamper is the perfect offering to get new lives started and enhance the extraordinary experience of raising children. Not only is the hamper an excellent baby gift, but it is also great for other occasions!

The Funky Monkey Hamper can also serve as:

  • Christening gifts
  • Baby shower gifts
  • First birthdays
  • Achievement gifts

Create Special Memories with This Personalised Baby Gift

Everyone wants to give a baby gift that families will remember. The Funky Monkey hamper offers customisability, personalisation, and endless possibilities. It will create the special memories and moments they crave. The gift hamper is the ideal choice for anyone greeting young ones into the world. Show them that you are just as excited as they are for the new baby!

Jun 22, 2021 Alice Brown

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