What To Include In The Ultimate Corporate Gift Basket

Looking to put together a Christmas gift for a corporate client, an employee, or anyone else at your work? Wondering what gifts may be a good to include in a corporate gift basket?

At iGift Fruit Hampers, we specialise in Christmas gifts and corporate hampers and gifts, so we’re here to help. Read on to get some suggestions about what you may want to include in a corporate holiday gifts basket or hamper.

What To Include In The Ultimate Corporate Gift Basket | iGift Fruit Hampers

1. Chocolate Gifts

It’s hard to beat a gift box or basket that’s filled to the brim with high-quality chocolate and white chocolate treats. Clients and employees alike will love receiving these sweet treats. You can mix and match, and provide a wide variety of candy and chocolate treats that are sure to delight any recipient.

2. Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is visually-appealing, delicious, and healthy to boot! That’s why many corporate gift baskets incorporate fresh fruits like cherries, (or chocolate-covered cherries!) mangoes, pineapples, and other delicious, ripe, fresh fruits. Those who are health-conscious or just want to avoid overindulging in sweet treats are sure to appreciate fresh fruit.

3. Baked Goods

Gift baskets filled with a variety of baked goods will always go over well for any corporate client. Baked goods can easily be shared and have a long shelf life, making them an ideal addition to your gift hampers.

However, you may want to learn about any preferences or conditions a client has, such as nut allergies, or a preference for gluten-free goods. This will ensure you choose the right baked goods for the basket.

4. A Gift Card

A gift card can be a great addition to a corporate gift hamper or basket. If you’re giving the basket to a client or employee, you can choose a Starbucks gift card or a gift card to a nearby favourite restaurant to make the experience even more fun and personalized.

5. Wine, Champagne, Or Bubbly

This may not be appropriate for all clients or employees, but alcohol hampers with champagne, and wine country gift baskets are very popular with lots of people. Use your best judgement, of course – but if you know that an employee, client, or company is okay with a gift of alcohol, feel free to include a bottle or two in your gift basket for a fun, unexpected treat.

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Aug 29, 2020

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