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Embark on a thrilling new maze challenge adventure with Pierre the Maze Detective! Designed for all detectives aged 8 and above, this captivating puzzle book will provide hours of entertainment and excitement.

In this crazy and colorful activity book, Pierre and his partner Carmen venture to Canal City for an unforgettable experience. As they arrive at the city's waterways and streets, they discover that the prized Maze Egg has gone missing. It's up to Pierre and Carmen, with the help of young detectives like you, to solve the mystery and return the precious Maze Egg to its rightful place before it's too late!

Get ready to immerse yourself in each page's beautifully illustrated maze, where you'll need to find hidden objects to aid Pierre and Carmen in their quest. From masquerade balls to tree trunk villages and extravagant observatories, this adventure will take you to stunning locations full of surprises.

Authored by Hiro Kamigaki and brought to life by IC4DESIGN, this puzzle book showcases the unique and recognizable style that fans have come to love. With new full-spread mazes and search-and-find challenges, each page is a visual feast for the eyes.

Perfect for young detectives aged 8 and above, this book is part of the Pierre the Maze Detective series. Other titles in the collection include "The Search for the Stolen Maze Stone," "The Great Coloring Adventure," "Jigsaw Puzzle," and "The Sticker Book." Each book offers a new and exciting mystery for Pierre and Carmen to unravel, providing endless hours of fun and engagement.

So, sharpen your mind and get ready to join Pierre the Maze Detective on his captivating adventures. Can you solve the puzzles, find the hidden objects, and help save the day? The challenge awaits!
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