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Chocolate Sweet Christmas Hamper - Cherries

Fresh cherry hampers are seasonal and are usually available towards the end of November just in time for Chrismtmas.
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Cherries make the ideal gift because they are easy to eat and easy to share!

Send the gift of Cherries and let them know how much you care - our cherry boxes
are full of nutrients and health benefits.


* Premium selection of the best cherries
* Cadbury Favourites Box 375g
* Jelly Belly 20 Flavours Jelly Beans 125g
* Authentic Turkish Delight Rose Flavour 250g
* Gift card with personalised message
* Gift Box

Embrace the Sweet Symphony of Delights with iGift Hampers' Ultimate Gift Hamper

This extraordinary gift hamper is a treasure trove of premium treats and
confections, meticulously curated to bring joy and indulgence to every moment.
Our luxurious ensemble features luscious premium cherries, a delightful Jelly
Belly Box, a Turkish Delight Chest, and a Cadbury Favourites Box—all elegantly
presented within a beautifully designed gift box.

Key Features:

1. Premium Cherries: We source only the finest cherries from the most pristine
orchards, ensuring each one embodies the pinnacle of quality and taste.
Handpicked for impeccable ripeness and flavor, these cherries deliver a
burst of natural sweetness in every delectable bite.

2. Jelly Belly Box (125g): Explore the world of flavor with Jelly Belly, the
iconic gourmet jelly beans known for their authentic and intense taste. This
box offers a delightful assortment of flavors that will tantalize your taste
buds and add a playful touch to your celebrations.

3. Turkish Delight Chest (250g): Indulge in the exotic allure of Turkish
Delight, a centuries-old confection renowned for its unique flavors and
luxurious texture. Our chest holds a treasure trove of Turkish Delight
delights that transport you to a world of sweetness and delight.

4. Cadbury Favourites Box (375g): Satisfy your chocolate cravings with the
Cadbury Favourites Box, featuring an array of Cadbury's most beloved
chocolates and treats. From Dairy Milk to Caramello Koala, this box is a
chocolate lover's dream come true.

5. Elegant Presentation: Our gift hamper is a visual masterpiece. The premium
cherries, Jelly Belly Box, Turkish Delight Chest, and Cadbury Favourites are
thoughtfully arranged within a beautifully designed gift box, creating an
ambiance of indulgence and delight.

6. Versatile Gifting: Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or any
special occasion, this gift hamper transforms every moment into a grand
celebration. It's also a thoughtful choice for corporate gifting, client
appreciation, or expressing heartfelt gratitude.

7. Health and Happiness: Cherries, in addition to their exceptional taste,
offer a wealth of antioxidants and nutrients, ensuring that your gift
promotes both well-being and joy.

8. iGift Hampers Quality Assurance: iGift Hampers is synonymous with quality
and excellence. We take pride in delivering gifts that exceed expectations,
creating cherished memories with every hamper.

Celebrate life's moments with iGift Hampers' Ultimate Gift Hamper Box. Whether
you're expressing love, appreciation, or simply indulging in the finer things in
life, this exquisite combination will leave an indelible mark on every occasion.

Order yours today and let iGift Hampers redefine your gift into an unparalleled
experience. Savor the sweetness of premium cherries, the playfulness of Jelly
Belly, the exotic charm of Turkish Delight, and the richness of Cadbury
Favourites in every delightful bite!
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