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Found in Sydney by Joanne O'Cullaghan - Kids Book



"Found in Sydney" Kids Book is a captivating exploration of Sydney's hidden gems, curated by local expert Joanne O'Cullaghan.

This beautifully illustrated guidebook takes you on a journey through the city's most intriguing and lesser-known spots, revealing the stories and secrets behind Sydney's vibrant culture and history.

From hidden laneways and tucked-away cafes to historic landmarks and cultural hotspots, "Found in Sydney" offers a unique perspective on this iconic city.

Discover charming boutiques showcasing local designers, artisanal eateries serving up delicious fare, and galleries showcasing the works of talented Australian artists.

With insightful commentary and stunning photography, "Found in Sydney" is more than just a guidebook—it's a love letter to Sydney and a celebration of its diverse and dynamic community.

Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned local, this book will inspire you to explore Sydney in a whole new way.

  • SKU 9781760526245
  • Barcode # 9781760526245
  • Brand A&U Children's
  • Artist / Author Joanne O'Callaghan; Kori Song
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  • Number of pages 36
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