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Jacob's Creek Sparkling Moscato 200ml

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Jacob's Creek Sparkling Moscato is the perfect wine for those warm summer evenings. This delightful and refreshing sparkling wine is made from the finest varietal Moscato grapes, carefully selected from vineyards in Australia.

With its light and delicate bubbles, Jacob's Creek Sparkling Moscato offers a mouth-watering experience. The wine presents a beautiful balance between the light grapey characters and the flavors of summer fruits. The result is a wine that is both refreshing and pleasantly sweet, with just the right amount of fizz.

This 200ml bottle of Jacob's Creek Sparkling Moscato is perfect for those who want to enjoy a glass of wine on their own or share a romantic moment with someone special. Its compact size makes it convenient to take with you on picnics or to enjoy during outdoor gatherings.

The non-vintage nature of this wine ensures that every bottle delivers the same high quality and consistency. Regardless of the year, you can expect the same exceptional taste and delightful effervescence that Jacob's Creek is well-known for.

With its alcohol volume of 9.0%, Jacob's Creek Sparkling Moscato is a light and easy-drinking wine that can be enjoyed without feeling overwhelmed. It pairs perfectly with light meals, salads, or can be savored on its own as a delightful aperitif.

Experience the refreshing taste of Jacob's Creek Sparkling Moscato and let its gentle bubbles transport you to warm summer evenings. Bring a touch of Australia to your celebrations and enjoy this sweet and sparkling wine, bursting with flavors of summer fruits.

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