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Kickstart Creativity: 50 Prompted Cards to Spark Inspiration by Bonnie Smith Whitehouse - Activity Cards



Unleash your creativity and ignite your imagination with "Kickstart Creativity: 50 Prompted Cards to Spark Inspiration" by Bonnie Smith Whitehouse, a dynamic tool designed to jumpstart your creative process.

Whether you're an artist, writer, designer, or simply someone looking to infuse more creativity into your life, these cards offer a wealth of prompts and ideas to help you tap into your creative potential.

Each card in this deck is carefully crafted to inspire and motivate, featuring prompts designed to stimulate new ideas, perspectives, and approaches to problem-solving. From thought-provoking questions to whimsical scenarios, each prompt offers a unique jumping-off point for exploration and innovation.

With its compact size and portable format, "Kickstart Creativity" is the perfect companion for creative professionals on the go. Whether you're working in a studio, cafe, or on a remote adventure, these cards are ready to accompany you wherever inspiration strikes.

But "Kickstart Creativity" is more than just a deck of cards; it's a catalyst for transformation. By engaging with the prompts and exercises, you'll unlock new insights, break through creative blocks, and discover hidden reservoirs of inspiration within yourself. Whether you're seeking to reignite your passion for your craft or embark on a new creative journey, these cards provide the guidance and encouragement you need to get started.

The deck is designed with versatility in mind, offering a variety of prompts and exercises suitable for a wide range of creative disciplines. Whether you're a visual artist exploring new techniques, a writer seeking fresh storytelling ideas, or a musician looking to compose innovative melodies, "Kickstart Creativity" has something for everyone.

In addition to its practical utility, "Kickstart Creativity" also serves as a source of inspiration and motivation. The deck is filled with uplifting messages and affirmations designed to empower and encourage you on your creative journey. Whether you're facing self-doubt, procrastination, or fear of failure, these cards offer the support and reassurance you need to keep moving forward.

With its engaging prompts, empowering messages, and portable format, "Kickstart Creativity: 50 Prompted Cards to Spark Inspiration" is an essential tool for anyone looking to unlock their creative potential and bring their ideas to life.

Product Features:

  • 50 prompted cards designed to spark creativity and innovation
  • Versatile prompts suitable for artists, writers, designers, and more
  • Compact and portable format for creative professionals on the go


  • SKU 9780593137703
  • Barcode # 9780593137703
  • Brand Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale
  • Artist / Author Bonnie Smith Whitehouse
  • Publication Date 13/4/2021
  • Number of cards 50
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