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Moss St. Diffuser | Passionfruit & Lime 275ml

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The 'Passionfruit & Lime' scented diffuser from Moss St. Fragrances is a fun and fruity fragrance that is sure to liven up any space. With its top notes of fresh melon, lime zest, and pineapple, this diffuser releases a refreshing and invigorating aroma that will instantly uplift your mood.

As the scent develops, heart notes of purple passionfruit, coconut, lily, and guava come forward, creating a tropical and exotic ambiance. Finally, the base note of a hint of musk adds a touch of sophistication and depth to the fragrance, making it a truly delightful sensory experience.

With a size of 275ml, this diffuser is designed to provide long-lasting fragrance to your home. It comes in a sleek and stylish bottle that will complement any decor, adding a touch of elegance and charm to your living space.

The 'Passionfruit & Lime' diffuser belongs to the fruity/gourmand fragrance family, making it perfect for those who enjoy sweet and mouthwatering scents. It is particularly suitable for the kitchen, bedroom, or living room, infusing these areas with a vibrant and invigorating atmosphere.

At Moss St. Fragrances, we take pride in our commitment to using only the highest quality Australian perfumes in our scented diffusers. Each diffuser is hand-poured with care, ensuring that you receive a product that is made to the highest standards.

To enjoy the fragrance to its fullest, simply flip the reeds as little or as often as you like, depending on your preference for a stronger or more subtle scent. With the 'Passionfruit & Lime' diffuser, you can create your desired fragrance hit and transform your living space into a sensory oasis.

Add a touch of colour and a burst of fruity fragrance to your home with the 'Passionfruit & Lime' diffuser from Moss St. Fragrances. Experience the joy of this fun and vibrant scent and immerse yourself in its tropical allure.


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