Perfumed White Oriental Lilies with Fruit

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Bunch of Lilies and Fruit Hamper

Looking for a special gift that will really wow your loved ones? Look no further than the iGift Perfumed White Oriental Lilies with Fruit.

This luxurious arrangement is expertly crafted with beautiful white Oriental lilies and an assortment of fresh fruit.

The lilies are carefully selected for their amazing fragrance, and the fruit is hand-picked to ensure only the best quality.

The iGift Perfumed White Oriental Lilies with Fruit is the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care. The elegant lilies and delicious fruit are sure to impress, and the luxurious packaging makes it extra special.

This gift is sure to please anyone on your list, whether they are looking for a beautiful floral arrangement or a fresh fruit hamper.

Customer review 5*

The doorbell rang, and when I answered it, I found a large bouquet of perfumed white Oriental lilies with fruit.

It was such a beautiful and thoughtful gift! I couldn't help but smile as I brought the flowers inside.

I arranged the flowers in a vase and set them on the kitchen table. As I admired their beauty, I couldn't help but feel happy. It was such a nice surprise to receive flowers like this.

I decided to take a quick break from work to enjoy the flowers before getting back to my desk.

As I sat down at the kitchen table, I took in the sweet fragrance of the lilies and ate a piece of juicy fruit. It was the perfect way to relax and take time out of my day to enjoy the wonderful gift box.


Flower care tips:

1.Trim the Stems
After you have unwrapped your bouquet, cut the stems at a 45-degree angle. We recommend using shears if you have them to ensure a cleaner cut. Trim the stems every couple days.

2. Clean Water Daily
One of the best tips for getting the most enjoyment out of your flowers is to change the water daily with fresh, cold water. The water should look good enough to drink!
To ensure the water stays clean, remove any leaves or foliage from the stems that fall under the waterline of the vase.

3. Use the Flower Food
Drop in the supplied flower food into your vase and follow the instructions on the packet (this helps your flowers last longer). If you need to make your own or run out, you can replicate at home by adding a couple of drops of bleach and a pinch of sugar to fresh water.

4. Keep in Indirect Light
Place your flowers in the vase and keep them in indirect sunlight. If you'd like for your blooms to open up more quickly, perhaps for a special event, then use warm water to gently coax the blooms open.

5. Remove Stems as Needed
Every stem has a different expected vase life. As blooms expire, pull them out from the bouquet to keep the other blooms fresher, longer. Enjoy your bouquet's subtle changes each day as it ages gracefully!

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