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Slow Down... with this Calming Puzzle by Freya Hartas - Puzzle



Enter a world of tranquility and mindfulness with "Slow Down... with this Calming Puzzle" by Freya Hartas, a captivating puzzle experience designed to soothe the soul and calm the mind.

Renowned illustrator Freya Hartas has crafted a stunning scene that invites you to pause, breathe, and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

This intricately designed puzzle features a peaceful landscape teeming with flora and fauna, from majestic trees to gentle streams and vibrant wildlife. As you piece together each section, you'll feel your worries melt away and your focus sharpen, creating a sense of serenity and satisfaction with each completed segment.

But "Slow Down... with this Calming Puzzle" is more than just a traditional jigsaw; it's a tool for mindfulness and relaxation. The process of assembling the puzzle encourages you to slow down and savor the moment, allowing you to fully engage with the present and let go of stress and tension. It's a meditative experience that promotes mental clarity and emotional well-being.

With its high-quality construction and attention to detail, this puzzle is designed to provide hours of enjoyment and relaxation. Each piece fits together seamlessly, creating a smooth and satisfying puzzle-solving experience. Whether you're tackling the challenge solo or inviting friends and family to join you, "Slow Down... with this Calming Puzzle" offers a rewarding and rejuvenating activity for all.

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with nature through the soothing power of puzzle-solving. With its beautiful artwork, mindful design, and meditative qualities, "Slow Down... with this Calming Puzzle" is the perfect antidote to stress and a delightful addition to any puzzle enthusiast's collection.

Product Features:

  • Intricately designed puzzle featuring a peaceful landscape by Freya Hartas
  • High-quality construction for smooth and satisfying puzzle-solving experience
  • Promotes mindfulness, relaxation, and stress relief
  • Suitable for solo or group puzzling


  • SKU 9781913520328
  • Barcode # 9781913520328
  • Brand Magic Cat Publishing
  • Artist / Author Freya Hartas
  • For ages 3+
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