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The T2 Gift Set | Icon Tea Trio | Down Under Wonders is the perfect gift for tea lovers who want to experience the iconic flavors of Australia. This set includes three famous T2 breakfast teas, each in their own charming little tin. Wake up to a variety of flavors with this tower of Aussie brews!

The first tea in this trio is Sydney Breakfast, a black tea with a natural bergamot flavoring. It evokes the lively atmosphere of Sydney's Oxford Street and is sure to give you a vibrant start to your day.

The second tea, Melbourne Breakfast, is a classic blend of black tea with a natural and artificial vanilla flavoring. This comforting brew perfectly captures the essence of Melbourne and its love for all things traditional.

Last but not least, Canberra Breakfast is a unique blend of black tea, oat flakes, cocoa husks, cinnamon, coconut chips, natural and artificial flavoring, and rose petals. This tea was born to bring good counsel and a touch of elegance to your daily cuppa.

The dimensions of this set are 22.2cm x 7.8cm x 8.5cm, making it easily portable and a great addition to any tea collection.

At T2, they believe in using whole tea leaves, rather than low-grade tea dust or fannings. This ensures that you get a brew with a complex flavor profile. From the first sip to the last, you'll experience a multitude of flavor notes and subtle changes that elevate your tea-drinking experience.

T2 is dedicated to sourcing the best quality tea from around the world, and they spare no effort in delivering a delicious cup of tea every time. From leaf to cup, they take no shortcuts, ensuring that you receive a top-quality tea that truly tastes like tea.

The T2 Gift Set | Icon Tea Trio | Down Under Wonders is a delightful and thoughtful gift for any tea lover. Whether you want to treat yourself or surprise a loved one, this trio of iconic breakfast teas is sure to bring joy and a sense of adventure to every sip. Experience the wonders of Australia through a cup of tea with this delightful gift set.
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