Gift hampers are the perfect way to creative beautiful gifts yet an inexpensive way to show appreciation to someone you love or one you consider to be important. You can send such hampers to your friends, parents, siblings, business partners or even customers.

At iGift®, we offer an array of gift hampers to suit just about any occasion and age group.

Gift Hampers

From sympathy hampers and Mother’s Day hampers to thank you hampers and Easter hampers we have it all.

What’s more, we offer timely delivery services to almost all parts of Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. Fruit Gifts can only be sent along the East Coast.


We have a large range of gift hampers and understanding what each one means can be key to choosing the most appropriate.


Sympathy hampers are often sent to people who have gone through a difficult time or have lost a loved one. Such hampers can contain things such as chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate truffles, baked foods, fruits, nuts and desserts. The sympathy basket can also include certain non-alcoholic drinks. Our Condolence and Sympathy gifts are all sent with a full size gift card.


These hampers are usually sent to people that are celebrating their birthdays. Such a gift basket may contain a variety of items with some slight variations depending on the age of the recipient. Wine and beer are a common inclusion for individuals that are over 21 years while chocolates, sweets, candy and biscuits or cookies may make for an excellent birthday hamper for teens or young children. Order baskets online.


Some of the things that may be included in such a hamper are wine, Easter chocolates, coffee, tea and easter eggs. If your recipients are below the age of 18, you may want to go for a hamper that includes items such as sweets, cookies, chocolates, Easter eggs, and other dried foods. Easter hampers and gift baskets are perfect for family near and far.


Fathers and mothers are certainly some of the most beloved people and that is why every year we celebrate Father’s and Mother’s days. To show appreciation for their care and upbringing, it can be an excellent idea to send them special gift hampers. Our range includes premade hampers and a wide selection of add on for that special mum and Dad in your life. Turn your hamper into a pamper hamper with some of our bath products.

Such hampers may contain items such as gingerbread, stylish tonic water, delicious potato chips, gins and even wines. You can also throw in a card with some words to express just how much you love your parents. All of our gifts can become a personalised gift by adding a ribbon with your own message or by adding individual pamper hamper products from our add extras category.

Gift Hamper


To foster better relationships with your employees, businesses partners and clients it may be a good idea to send them a special appreciation gift hamper. The good part is that corporate hampers are pretty general and can include items such as nuts, wine, gins, tonic water, dried fruits and even gold chocolate coins. Such a simple gift can be all it takes for you to strengthen your networks or motivate your employees to put in more effort.

Our gift boxes can be branded with your company logo for any special occasion. Online gifts make it easy to let people know you are thinking about them. Our perfect gifts are a wonderful gift idea for any of your corporate clients


There are even more gift hampers to suit different occasions and personalities. Below are just a few of the hampers you can expect to find from our online shop.

New home gift hampers

Happy new year

Australia day

Breakfast in bed hampers

New baby hampers

Health and wellness

Luxury hampers

Get well gift hampers


It is not enough to simply pick the first gift hamper you find on our list even though it is hard to go wrong with our options. Keep in mind that gift hampers differ in packaging and content and that is why you should be keen on several aspects as noted below. Our none fruit gifts can be sent Australia wide. So if you cannot make it to the baby shower, send a gift delivery instead.


The contents of a gift hamper may depend on the type of person you are sending it to. So it you are looking for a gift for her or him you will find something here. You can therefore pick items that you know they will like. If your dad loves wine, you can choose a gift basket that contains some stylish wine and add some tonic water or nuts.

Your sister may be a foodie and is most likely going to appreciate things such as chocolates, nuts, gingerbread among other delicious snacks. We have a lot of artisan produce available for all our gift baskets.


Gift hampers are available at a variety of prices meaning you can actually find something that easily fits into your budget. For ease of selection, iGift® has categorized different products into sections such as hampers under $100, hampers under $150 and hampers over $150. Our Gift hampers can be completely customized.


There are different packaging methods for you to choose from. We offer a range of options that go from elegant premium gift boxes to romantic wicker baskets and eco-friendly jute trays. Our gift boxes can all be cutomised. Once your gift hamper has been packaged, you get the option to include a personalized note for your loved ones or your corporate associates.


Another way to decide on the best gift hamper is by occasion. Remember the contents that would be excellent for New Year’s celebration may not be ideal for a sympathy gift hamper. If you do not know what type of content should be in a hamper, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff for prompt assistance.


Buy top quality gift hampers from iGift online. We offer a wide variety of products to ensure that your loved ones or corporate associates know exactly what you think and how you feel about them. Remember a simple gift hamper can go a long way in strengthening both personal and professional relationships.

Jun 04, 2024 Derek - Gourmet Hamper Designer

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