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Peace Lily

Why Peace Lilies Make Amazing Gifts

Having you been thinking of a flowering plant as a gift for a loved one? Let us tell you - they are a magnificent idea! We know that many people struggle when starting their search for the perfect house plant.

Peace Lily is one of the easiest plants to keep alive. So why do they make such brilliant gifts? We'll explain everything.

What is a Peace Lily?

Peace Lily

A peace lily is a plant that sits in the Spathiphyllum genus of plant - and a member of the Araceae family. It originally hails from the tropics - mainly in Central and South America and Southeastern Asia. Though the plant has the name 'lily' in its title - it is not actually a lily by definition.

This is because some of its defining characteristics don't resemble true lilies. The most significant point being is that they are not as toxic. But do contain calcium oxalate crystals that cause mild irritation in humans.

Over the years, the peace lily plants have become more known as indoor decor. The potting mix that they thrive in and their beneficial features - more people are adopting this magnificent flora into their homes. They traditionally grow on forest floors with minimal sunlight and water - where conditions in houses are similar to their natural habitat.

Interesting Facts About the Peace Lily

Today, we'll find that the peace lily isn't only a house plant but a symbol for a wide variety of activities and events. Many find it amazing how one plant can carry such significance on the world stage. The love of these plants is shared among horticulturalists and enthusiasts in every corner of the globe. If you're thinking of giving a peace lily as a gift, here are some intriguing facts to come with it:

  • Peace lilies have been used as the international symbol for peace. The white blooms were incorporated into the ceasefire flag.
  • Peace lilies aren't limited to one size or shape - they come in many different categories. Many house plant lovers tend to build a collection of more than one! Many are about 1 to 4 feet tall.
  • There have been studies of how the peace lily reduces home and workplace sickness. The cleansing properties of the plant seem to contribute to better well-being.

Why Do Peace Lilies Make Such Great Gifts?

Peace lilies are not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a gift for friends, family or significant others. However, there are many intriguing reasons why this house plant makes a remarkable gift. We've listed a few reasons below why you should consider a peace lily your next present.

  1. Not only is it beautiful - it's a trendy house plant, too!

Indoor house plants have become somewhat of a fashion amongst younger homeowners. That trendiness has spread around every age group and other demographics. The peace lily has been one of the most gifted house plants, given how fantastic it looks - and how neatly it fits in with the active lifestyle. It's a home decor piece that really makes your habitat shine!

  1. The peace lily is low maintenance.

There's nothing worse than being given a gift that you know you will have to take care of for ages to come. That is not the case with the peace lily - it's one of the most self-catering house plants around. All they need is a little bit of watering every so often and away from direct sunlight. Growing and caring is a breeze - we'll explain a little more about their care further down.

  1. It has properties that help in purifying the air.

People are buying up peace lilies, given how they help cleanse the air in your home. The properties in the plant are known to help eliminate mouldy spores and carbon dioxide. What's better than giving your loved one the gift of fresh air to breathe?

Honestly, it's more well-received than it would sound! Peace lilies will be an essential resource in making a home a more pleasant environment.

  1. The peace lily looks exquisite just about everywhere.

There's a surprising amount of people to find the perfect piece of home decor. The size, colours, and shapes of the peace lily are so versatile - you could put it anywhere and immediately see new life in the area. Anybody that receives a peace lily will be stunned at what they could do with it. Suddenly there is an incredible number of options for decorating their habitat!

  1. The plant is a symbol of tranquillity.

The peace lily lives by its namesake in being a beacon for passiveness and calmness. What would be a better gift than an item that helps zen out every time they look at it. The plant itself resonates a peaceful nature - perhaps because it looks great, cleans the air, removes mildew, and everything in between. People feel better knowing that their peace lily is around.

Peace Lily Care After Giving as A Gift

Caring for a peace lily is not a difficult task, and that's what makes it a more fantastic gift. However, it will need a bit of maintenance to ensure that it lives a long and fruitful life - and serves its home as long as possible.

If you give a peace lily as a gift, remember to supply some elementary care instructions. Our tips on caring for your peace lily below will help keep the plants alive for year.

Here are some rules for plant care:

  • Don't put the plant into direct sunlight - it will get yellow leaves when it's getting too much light
  • Keep the potting soil moist when the soil is dry, but make sure that the potting soil is not soggy
  • Spray the peace lily with some water once a week

And that's it! Your recipient can enjoy the peace lily for its roughly 3 to 5-year life cycle!

Where Can I Find Peace Lily Gifts?

Peace lilies plant can be found at many florists. If you are looking for one as a dedicated gift, look no further than iGift Australia. Their knowledge of plants and their beautiful curation of peace lilies ensure that your recipient will be stunned at such a thoughtful gift. Check out the online gift-giving service to get your peace lily delivered ASAP!

May 25, 2021 Mr Gift Hampers

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