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Fruits that Can Burn Belly Fat

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There are so many different diets out there, and many of them say that you should avoid eating fruits. That’s because fruits are contain natural sugars and are high in calories, which would naturally make them a bad choice for weight loss goals. However, weight loss isn’t just about cutting calories; it’s about cutting unhealthy foods that are high in calories from your diet. For example, it’s far better to eat a banana that has 100 calories than it is to eat a bag of low-calorie chips that also contain 100 calories.

While a big part of weight loss is consuming fewer calories than you use, you shouldn’t have to focus all of your energy on counting calories. In other words, if you are looking to lose weight, you want to make sure that you are eating “smart” calories; calories from foods that are healthy for you – like fruit!

Fruits contain a wealth of vitamins and nutrients that are essential for your health. In fact, many fruits are packed with nutrients that can help you burn fat and aid in weight loss. If you are looking to shed a few (or a lot) of pounds, here’s a look at some fat burning fruits that you should definitely add to your diet.

Fat Burning Fruits

If your goal is to lose weight, make sure you add the following fruits to your shopping cart whenever you hit the grocery store.


Many people assume that an avocado is a vegetable. That’s because it has a savory flavor and a meaty texture. It’s also very filling. However, avocado is actually a fruit; a berry with one side, to be exact. And if you are trying to lose weight, this fruit can certainly help you reach your goal.

It’s packed with fiber and healthy fats that are actually good for you. As a result, you will feel more satiated after you eat an avocado. It actually sends signals to your brain that tell it to shut off your hunger switch. In fact, several research studies have found that individuals who consume avocado regularly weigh less than those who do not.

When you nourish your body with the healthy fats that avocado contains, your body will release its fat stores, which translates to weight loss. That’s why avocado is considered one of the best fat burning fruits around.

In addition to aiding in weight loss, avocado also offers some other substantial health benefits. It can boost your cardiovascular health, the health of your joints, make your bones stronger, improve digestion, make your eyes healthier, and even improve the health of your hair and skin!

With all of these benefits, you definitely want to eat avocado on a regular basis.


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Those tiny, sweet (sometimes tangy) little blue berries can also help you lose weight. They contain tons of antioxidants that can burn belly fat. In addition to aiding in weight loss, the antioxidants in blueberries can also reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels and enhance blood glucose levels, as well as assist in preventing or treating a number of other health conditions, including anxiety and heart disease. And, since one cup of blueberries contains an estimated 24 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C, these tiny, yet mighty berries can also strengthen your immune system.


Grapefruit is another type of fruit that can help with weight loss. These sweet, sometimes sour (but usually a nice mixture of the two) fruits contain AMPK, or AMP activated protein kinase. An organic compound in grapefruit, known as nootkatone, promotes the production of energy in the body, which in turn increases metabolism. Of course, the higher your metabolism levels are, the more weight you will lose.

Several studies have found that eating just half a grapefruit before eating a meal has significant effects on weight loss. Studies on animals have concluded that consuming the naootkatone in grapefruit drastically reduces weight gain that is associated with diets that are high in fat and sugar, as well as enhance physical performance.

If you aren’t convinced by studies done on animals, maybe studies conducted on humans will convince you of the weight loss benefits that are associated with eating grapefruit. A study conducted by the Journal of Medicinal Food found that people who consumed this fruit experienced significantly more weight loss than those who didn’t. Additionally, grapefruit helps to enhance the body’s resistance to insulin, making it a good choice for diabetics (though check with your doctor first, as it may impact the effects of diabetic medications.)


The tomato is another fruit that is often incorrectly identified as a vegetable, but rest assured that they are a fruit – and they can do wonders for weight loss.

Tomatoes are super low in calories – a single medium sized tomato only contains about 20 calories – which is reason enough to make them a part of a weight loss diet. But that’s not the only benefits they offer for weight loss! These fruits also contain minimal amounts of unhealthy fats and carbs, two things that translate to weight loss.

In addition to being low in fat and carbohydrates, tomatoes are also loaded with fiber, so they fill you up and prevent you from eating too much, so you’re less likely to consume fat-building calories when you eat them on a regular basis. Plus, they help you absorb they nutrients that they contain, as well as the nutrients from other foods you eat, so you’ll reap maximize the benefits of other fat burning fruits that you eat.

Summing It Up

When it comes to weight loss, fruits are often considered a “no-no”; however, this is a huge misconception. Consuming the above-mentioned 0 calorie fruits (or almost 0 calorie fruits) – and many others – can certainly assist you in your weight loss goals. They contain massive amounts of nutrients that are key to losing weight.

Nov 07, 2020

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