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Have you ever thought of an indoor plant delivery as a gift for a loved one? You are on track to give a present that the person will treasure for a lifetime. Give us a couple of moments to explain why.

Why Do House Plants Make Excellent Gifts?

House plants go beyond the confines of a simple gift. They are presents that resonate with meaning and are offerings that recipients can cherish for a long time. Most plants given as gifts have some significance behind them or a higher purpose than just following an exchange tradition. Their symbolism, uniqueness, and adaptiveness come together to prove why plant gift delivery is an excellent surprise.

What is the Best House Plant to Give as a Gift?

There are numerous options in house plants. Some tailor to particular people better - but here are some of our favourites.

  1. Peace Lily

The peace lily is one of the most popular house plants to give as a gift. This luxurious plant not only serves as a beautiful piece of home decor - it has properties to promote well-being. Give the gift of health and happiness with the gorgeous, practical and versatile plant. It doesn't take too much maintenance, either!

  1. Calandiva

The Calandiva serves as a little bundle of joy. The smiles it brings to a recipients face underlines how it makes such a perfect house plant gift. The intriguing patterns, the vibrant colours, and the home-friendly size feature the plant as a fantastic addition to any shelf or table. Not many house plants deliver such a warming aura.

  1. Lavender Pot Plant

The regal colouring of a lavender plant and its relaxing scent make a lavender pot plant an excellent gift. The seamless flair of purple against its bold green stems make a gift that its recipient will want to look at - and smell - all day long.

What To Get Someone Who Likes Indoor Plants?

Someone who likes indoor plants will usually have more than one already in their home. Finding the right gift for a house plant enthusiast might be challenging, but we have some suggestions!

  1. Mini Orchid

Those who enjoy indoor plants may already have quite a few of them - that's why they need to be a bit space conscious. The mini orchid is the perfect sized indoor plant for any enthusiast! It fits into smaller homes and works well with multitudinous other flora within an area. It's an imperative addition to a collection or stands alone beautifully.

  1. Mariana

The intricacies of the Mariana plant are what will really intrigue indoor plant lovers. The patterns and colour mix of the leaves and stems are dazzling - conveying a unique creamy mix of green and white. Caring for the plant is more challenging - but it's a testament to those who adore their home plant collections. Mariana is a superb gift for aspiring indoor horticulturalists!

  1. Devil's Ivy

The Devil's Ivy sounds exciting and a little bit dangerous - making an exclusive addition for those who enjoy indoor plant life. The devil is really in the detail - this plant has extraordinary growth potential. You can use its extensive arms to make some creative displays in your home, allowing these indoor plant lovers to showcase their floral flair.

What Does a Plant Symbolise as a Gift?

iGift, as one of the best gift plant vendors, has a few holistic ideas on why these gifts are the pinnacle of symbolism.

  1. They are a timeless gift that shows you care.

The receiver is getting an item that marks friendship for the long run. Plants are not something you can use once and throw away. They are meant to stay alive and well - a sort of beacon to the relationship you hold with the person that you are giving it to. Plants are timeless presents.

  1. Plants as a gift not only care for you but your home as well.

Gift plants have a lot of benefits for human health - a fantastic gift in its own right. However, these plants also have properties that help in keeping your home free of anomalies. What may seem like a small gesture of love is actually the most impactful gift you could receive from someone. It's the start of a path to well-being!

  1. Plants are an extension of people - they want to share the love.

It takes some time and consideration when choosing a plant as a gift. You'll want to find the right colours, splendid patterns, and the appropriate meaning. Receiving a plant means someone spent quite a bit out of their schedule to find the perfect gift for the recipient. That dedication is the most profound gift someone could receive.

What Plants Are Good for Gifts?

On that note - here are some of the internal plant favourites for gift ideas.

  1. Mother-in-Law's Tongue

Now there's a name you know people will ask about. The Mother-in-Law's Tongue plant dons a rich history that spans generations of folklore and symbolism. The title comes from the wisdom it protrudes to its daughter-in-law (the owner) and its unbelievable toughness in the face of adversity. The plant is full of vigour and a robust gift for anybody.

  1. Anthurium

Anthurium has been a gift favourite for as long as they have been exchanged in the past. The deep red flowers bloom in a heart shape, symbolising love, luck and a happy home. Whenever there are some positive vibes to spread around an area - giving the gift of Anthurium ensures the recipient gets a beautiful gift that stands for years to come.

  1. Syngonium

Syngonium is a plant that exudes a lot of personalities. Recipients tend to love how interchangeable and extraordinarily they stand up in any areas of the home. That, in turn, makes them an excellent plant for a gift. The subtle yet exciting patterning and the palette of colours make this a fantastic gift not only for plant lovers - but decor enthusiasts.

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Nov 03, 2023

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